Nepenthes rafflesiana "pink" form


The plant was started from seed that originated from Nakhon Nayok Province of Thailand, harvested on 7-30-2013.

The Nepenthes rafflesiana is a lowland but can grow up to 1200 meter in elevation. It is a forgiving Nepenthes and is one of the easier Nepenthes to grow.

Since it is a young plant the traps have not developed their shape or color. The lower pitchers will develop into the more familiar Raff shape after it grows 3 or 4 more new leaves.

These young N. Raffs has been growing indoors on a shelf 14 inches below a T8, 32 watt cool white florescent light.

The surrounding humidity has been 65% and the temp around 75F to 80-F.

It is growing in long fiber sphagnum moss and watered using rain water from the bottom via the tray method.

N. raffs don't do well with direct sunlight but do better in indirect lighting and do well under florescent lights.

There are a variety of potting mixes that you can find online. The N. raff is doing fine in just long fiber sphagnum moss.

SHIPPING: The plant will be shipped bare root with the roots wrapped in moist sphagnum moss and placed inside a Ziploc bag. That Ziploc bag will be place in another Ziploc bag to retain humidity around the plant. I take care to disturb the roots as little as possible.

This is a very hardy plant, easy to grow under lowland conditions and should pick up right where it left off.

US Only: I ship only to the US using priority mail, 2-3 business days.

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